Gene Structure Prediction System

Organism: Homo sapiens Mus musculus
Mode: Gene Exon
Strand: Direct Complement
Sequencing error correction: Disable Error report Automatic correction
Splice sites prediction: All Excellent only
Potential coding regions: All Good Excellent Key protein similarity
First and last coding exons: Exons with key protein high similarity Disabled
Sequence segment for coding regions prediction: First position Last position
Complete gene model: Yes No
Use repeated elements mapping: Yes No
Use EST mapping: Yes No
Protein homology search: Yes No View N. protein sequences
Use most similar protein: Yes No
TATA box prediction: TATA similarity: Good Marginal
POLY-A site prediction: PolyA pattern length:
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Vertebrates Fungi Insects Plants Miscellaneous All
Core similarity: (max:1.0)
Matrix similarity: (max:1.0)
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